Why Is Too Much Bed Rest Dangerous?

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Bed rest is sometimes prescribed by a doctor for certain medical conditions. Although bed rest can certainly help an individual recover from certain types of injuries or conditions, prolonged bed rest has its own set of dangers as well. Home care services are designed to help individuals who are elderly or disabled maintain a healthy lifestyle, including monitoring the amount of time one spends being inactive. Let’s look at why too much bed rest can be dangerous.

Skin Pressure Injuries


You might think that you’re pretty safe from injuries if you’re just staying in bed, but the truth is that staying in bed too long can cause injuries itself. When the skin is exposed to a mattress or chair for too long without proper movement, the skin will start to break down. Human skin is meant to be exposed to different stimuli throughout the day. This includes pressure, release of pressure, air, water, and touch. When skin is not exposed properly to these types of stimuli, it will not be healthy.

Bed Sores


Pressure injuries are caused when a certain part of the body is exposed to the same type of pressure for prolonged amounts of time. For instance, if the back is against a mattress or the buttocks are in a chair. The areas where pressure is being applied for too long will result in sores, oftentimes referred to as bed sores. Attentive home care services will see that patients are not left in the same positions for extended periods of time. Patients who are healthy and strong enough will get up for light exercise, while those who cannot be gotten out of bed will be changed positions on a regular schedule and will have a rotation of pillows and props used so that pressure is put on different parts of the body all day long.



The human body is meant to move, and when it doesn’t, or simply can’t, other systems within the body can’t operate properly either. This can include your digestive tract. Constipation is a common problem for people who do not move enough or for those who are in bed for too long. Daily movement helps the intestines to move waste along and eventually to be removed through bowel movements. Caregivers will pay close attention to bowel health for patients who are on prolonged bed rest.

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Posted: September 27th, 2023

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